Hobby is everything in love in human beings. Hobby is a skill in human beings. Hobbies can make a successful human with a thing in doing it. Stopped from hobbies, to stop work on a hobby is something that would make human life becomes death. Things will not happen again in humans if the stop of the hobby. Hobby is one that makes human beings can be successful and unsuccessful. Hobbies can the human spirit and the rise of the bad times before. Making money on the Internet is a hobby, investing money is a hobby, playing music is a hobby, writing article is a hobby, and playing football is a hobby. Diverse any form of hobby in humans. Just how do you create a hobby itself to be successful and be successful with a hobby that you do now.


And I Will Say :

'' You lose tomorrow will win ''
'' You give up then you fail ''
'' Did not try again means you die ''
'' Give up does not mean giving up forever ''
'' Failing does not mean failing forever ''
'' Stupid does not mean success ''
'' Stupid does not mean a fool forever ''
'' Say! I'm proud to be working alone ''
'' Say! I'm proud to be the boss ''
'' Say! I'm proud not to be an employee ''

Angga Jony.
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